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List Selfish People Quotes (100 Best Selfish People Sayings) Status for Whatsapp: 

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Selfish People Quotes (100 Best Selfish People Sayings) Status for Whatsapp: As know that you are living in a selfish world. Here the people care for themselves only. For their benefit, these people can cross the limits. Therefore, here are some of the best selfish people quotes. In fact, some of these selfish people sayings are hilarious and inspirational that have collected from different sources.


Best 100 Selfish People Quotes (Selfish People Sayings & Status for Whatsapp)

1. I live never in sake for another man or ask anyone to live in sake for me.
2. People with selfishness are capable of great loves.
3. I do not want any warrant or sanction for being me.
4. Every man has the right to build his image and the power to choose or escape.
5. No one works for you without his interest.
6. I dislike when one person tries to air his grievances, I wish to air mine.
7. There is always a selfish motive behind every sinful action.
8. I love the one for all in teamwork, when the one idea is mine.
9. A self-centered man is a small bundle. ( Best Selfish People Sayings )
10. Selfishness is poverty in heart where abundant love is not there.
11. I really admire selfish people, because they care themselves.
12. Selfishness has no cure.
13. There are many things we throw and are not afraid that one will take it.
14. I am not going but I want you text me first to miss me more.
15. People always remember one time you did not help but the million times you help them.
16. You should be proud of all the scars but do not forget the lessons that you learn in life.
17. I hate the people with two faces that confuse me to slap at which face.
18. I do not the key to success but the key to failure tries please everyone.
19. People do not change but the mask of their fake personality falls.
20. You should make sure that when you are saying yes to others then does not say No to yourself.


Evergreen Selfish People Sayings for Guys

Evergreen Selfish People Sayings for Guys

21. You are not beneficial to that person life when his true colors have revealed.
22. Love in a relationship has taken out by the selfishness.
23. You should not expect anything from the people to get disappointed.
24. If you something for yourself is not selfish but productive.
25. What do you think for yourself is more important than what people think about you.
26. I do not need anyone to hold my hand.
27. You know what you are doing then what you are breaking.
28. I do not want to let my happiness on others.
29. I know that I only exist when you want something from me.
30. People are aware of the price of everything but value nothing.
31. Obstacles come to make you strong but not weak.
32. You are still giving a bad try to say Hello to them. ( Selfish People Quotes )
33. You are born selfish when a receiver.
34. I cannot help it; I am selfish that I want me.
35. There are no relationships designed for selfish individuals.
36. I am sitting around so that I do not sound selfish.
37. The fatal nature of human is selfishness and greed.
38. You should allow the negative energy of the people to affect you.
39. You have distracted by small things then you cannot do big things.
40. Doing the best for yourself does not mean that you are selfish.


Best self-centred Person Quotes

41. There is no person in this world has not more cheated than a selfish person is.
42. I cannot breathe without you, makes me selfish for you.
43. Selfish people want only themselves.
44. It is time to be selfish with more distraction.
45. You cannot be both selfish and happy.
46. If you want to get the best for you is not being selfish.
47. People reveal their personality with their actions.
48. Do one favor to me that you should be honest.
49. Follow your heart but do not forget your brain. ( Selfish People Sayings )
50. Somehow, you want you and your selfishness.
51. You will shame on me for being selfish.
52. One loyal friend=Thousand relatives
53. When it comes to you, I am selfish.
54. People care when they are alone but not when you are alone.
55. There is no glory to build on selfish principles.
56. Selfish people are capable only to love themselves.
57. Real people are not fake but fake people are not real.
58. Do not remember me if you do not like, even do not expect me to remember you.
59. The one who controls the relationship loves you the least.
60. You should be careful of the attractive mask of the people made of lies.


Clever People Quotes, Status for Whatsapp

61. Selfishness is the motive of gallant but not love.
62. Everyone wants you but one will confront you.
63. Selfishness has no country, but works only on one principle to gain.
64. You should not sacrifice too much then no one will care for you.
65. You should not waste your tears for one who does not care for them.
66. Love yourself is not be selfish.
67. I am glad to know that you have fun without me.
68. Selfish people only think about themselves, why others love them so much.
69. It is not a big deal to be sad sometimes. ( Selfish People Quotes & Status Whatsapp )
70. I have good heart for the people but they are selfish.
71. Fake is becoming a new trend now so I cannot trust people.
72. Sometimes people become so self-absorbed that makes me nauseous.
73. One of the rare and beautiful things in life is friendship without selfish motive.
74. Person that speaks high for you wants to make you down so beware.
75. I am sick of the self-centered people.
76. You are mine and only mine I do not like sharing.
77. To love you is not being selfish.
78. You do not matter for me so I do not mind your talks.
79. Do not be so self-centered and carefree that people start hating you.
80. One word for the self-centered people is selfish.


Top Egotistical Sayings, Status & Captions for Your friend

81. I cannot see you talking with someone, feels like I am selfish.
82. A relationship dies due selfishness and ego.
83. You can learn to ignore the selfish people as if they ignore you.
84. I hate selfish people so I hate me.
85. Selfish people are good only to themselves.
86. Over selfishness is an adverse situation.
87. Selfish people cannot give their whole heart and care to a relationship.
88. Never let the opinion of other people changes your mind.
89. Life is live not to impress people.
90. Selfishness comes with adverse miseries.
91. Sometimes you can be selfish; you cannot afford to be nice every time.
92. Never give your value of order to a selfish person.
93. Some people are good to you when they want something from you.
94. I do not to lose me so I am single.
95. Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference in a relationship.
96. You are the only reason for my happiness.
97. You carry a license to be ugly.
98. I am sorry of my highest act of selfishness.
99. I can trust only one person in the world and that is I.
100. Sometimes emptiness feels heavy.


Wrapping Up

Here you can find a variety of Selfish People Quotes and saying. Use them to tag a selfish act around you. In the meantime enjoy reading these selfish people saying, I am back soon with some exciting stuff for you.


#Selfish #People #Quotes #Selfish #People #Sayings #Status #Whatsapp

Selfish People Quotes (100 Best Selfish People Sayings) Status for Whatsapp: 

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