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Secret Santa Quotes

Here are some of the Secret Santa Quotes which you can use for your wishes. As we all know quotes are one of the best ways to amaze everyone. Keeping that in mind we have discovered some funny captions for you.

However, our focus is also on providing you the cute secret Santa status. So just go through these 50 secret Santa Quotes and choose that you like the most. By using these interesting as well as creative quotes, you can maintain a good status in your friend’s circle.   


Funny, Hilarious & Cute Secret Santa Captions (Secret Santa Quotes)

Funny and Cute Secret Santa Captions and Status

  1. “A special gift for you on the very special day of Christmas. Hopefully, it will be worth of you”.
  2. “Merry Christmas to my loved ones, sending a gift from the North Pole that is Santa Pole’s”.
  3. “Just give a look, your secret Santa left a present for you”.
  4. “Can you hear the sounds of Jingle Bell? Here is Santa came with your gift which will make you delightful”.
  5. “My reindeers are my guide helped in finding your house, but you can’t find your Santa Clause now”.
  6. “Your secret Santa had been home for giving you the best gift but more than that, the best wishes for Christmas”.
  7. “Dropping the present, according to the wish of my dear”.
  8. “Everyone needs a red wine but if Santa comes late you can’t make fine Happy Christmas”.
  9. “It is a bit difficult task to find out, who is your secret Santa? Keep on trying”.
  10. “I told you that I will not disclose the gift but I will send you. Hopefully, I made my promise”.


Secret Santa Quotes for Co-workers

Secret Santa Quotations for Friends

  1. “It’s the time for Christmas, a time to have the fun and making moments, I surely have a gift for you but I will not stay as it’s the time for Santa week”.
  2. “Everyone loves a surprise and especially in the holidays week, they seemed to be like a cherry on the cakes. What If I say there is a gift under your table? Oops, it was a secret”.
  3. “This Christmas I am not going to sign a card for you. Let’s keep that hidden and make it fun. It’s the time to wonder”.
  4. “Sometimes, it’s a bit wondering that who sends this but keep on guessing. Hopefully, you get your answer”. (Good, Cute, Funny Secret Santa Captions & Status)
  5. “There is my internal satisfaction in gifting you this ad I loved to be your secret Santa”.
  6. “This Christmas eve just be happy and say ‘Thank You Santa’ for the gift as I am not going to disclose my name”.
  7. “I am shouting loudly and howling. Moreover, between all this, I don’t forget to keep a gift on your desk. Just enjoy it and don’t guess me as you will not be able to”.
  8. “It’s raining outside but your heart will be glittering inside. There is a gift for you, lying on your table. Enjoy it, Merry Christmas”.
  9. “Who is your secret Santa? To know this just open your beautiful present and you will get a clue”.
  10. “It’s been too much fun in being a secret Santa, as you will always keep on guessing me when I bring the gift of your desire”.


Secret Santa Inspirational Quotes

Secret Santa Quotes for your Wishes

  1. “To give your gift I traveled the miles on my sled, but I will not disturb your sleep by waking from the bed”.
  2. “Just leaving a gift and going from here, but my main motive is to leave a smile on your face”.
  3. “Ho! Ho! Ho! there is a gift in your stocking, please do a checking”.
  4. “After eating those cookies and drinking the milk you left for me, in return, there is a lovely gift for you at the same place”.
  5. “All I want to just see your valuable smile, for that I left a gift under the Christmas tree by coming from the North Pole”.
  6. “I wanted to be your secret Santa and see lord granted my wish. So I hope you love the present that I got as per your need”.
  7. “I am singing loudly, laughing heartily and dancing merrily as you will open the present I left for you, but can never guess me”.
  8. “Santa’s week is near so in a hurry, I put your gift in the drawer. Cheerful Christmas”.
  9. “It was a long journey from the North Pole to your house but seemed to be short just because of my love for you. Merry Christmas”.
  10. “Roses are red, violets are blue. Your secret Santa never forgets to bring gifts for you”.


 Secret Santa Quotes Funny

Secret Santa Funny Quotes

  1. “Ho! Ho! Ho! These are the winter days, Ho! Ho! Ho! These are the secret Santa days”.
  2. “I am merrily dancing as I left the present on your terrace and manage to keep my identity hidden from you. Your secret Santa”.
  3. “There is not any villa or any boat, it just includes a secret Santa gift for you with a note. Merry Christmas”. (Secret Santa Quotes for Christmas)
  4. “Jingle Bell Jingle Bell, I will ring your doorbell. Just to leave a present for you and it will remain a secret from you.”
  5. “I will go through your doors just like light, and leave your gift, by wrapping it tight”.
  6. “However, the weather outside is quite disturbing, but the gift that your secret Santa left is that much interesting”.
  7. “I will leave your gift and run as much quick I can because I don’t want you to know who I am?”
  8. “It’s a tough task for you to guess who knows you very best. Supposedly, I succeeded in bringing the gift that you wanted”.
  9. “You needed rum but wait for your gift till the secret Santa come”.
  10. “Any guesses? No….then keep searching who’s your secret Santa this year”.


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Secret Santa Invitation Quotes

Secret Santa Invitation Captions

  1. “Decorate the house interior with holly, hopefully, the gift your secret Santa left will make you jolly”.
  2. “There is a feeling of love to be your secret Santa. This thing made my holidays special. Happy Christmas”.
  3. “May this Christmas will be charming and brings a lot of gifts too. This is a wish from your secret Santa, the one you don’t know who?”
  4. “Lord also have some secret. Why shouldn’t I? Merry Christmas from your secret Santa”.
  5. “There is always someone who wants to disclose a secret. This time I will do that”.
  6. “My wandering eyes did appear; keep your windows open in order to drop a gift for my dear”.
  7. “Did your secret Santa just stop by? If you can let’s search nearby”.
  8. “A day will come when you came to know about the secret Santa till then you should know only about the present I left for you”.
  9. “I don’t know the favorite of your, keeping your personality in mind here is a special item for my dear”.
  10. “I am very much enjoying to be your secret buddy, Christmas is going to be a bit much exciting for you and me. Merry Christmas”.
  11. “This year Santa is visiting earlier to bring some cheer, let’s smile and welcome him without any fear”.


Wrapping Up

You are not supposed to wait after reading our mesmerizing “Secret Santa Quotes”. Hurry Up! Just copy these captions and status, use them in your wishes and cards. Please share them with your nearer ones and share your experience with us in the review section.


#Secret #Santa #Quotes

Secret Santa Quotes

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