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List Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife, Husband, Friends, Parents, Sister, Brother, Couple:

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Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife, Husband, Friends, Parents, Sister, Brother, Couple: Anniversary are very important part of every married couple’s life as it is the day when they tie the knot and made for each other. Amazing anniversary wishes let you made their day even more beautiful by wishing them happy anniversary greetings.

Happy anniversary Message brings little happiness and positivity around them. By happy anniversary wishes you can make anyone’s day and you can show you care about them. Therefore, after writing some amazing badass quotes I am here with an article on marriage anniversary quotes.


Best 100+ Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband, Wife, Friends, Parents, Sister, Brother, Couple

In this article I will share some amazing happy wedding anniversary wishes for your friend’s and family’s anniversary. You can use in your Whatsapp status, Facebook status or Instagram status and make their day beautiful.


Happy Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Husband

If you are wife then these wishes can really help to express you love for your husband. It is always best to express your feelings through quotes that you cannot say through words.

  1. The best day of my life is our wedding day because I was so bliss to be your wife.
  2. You are the reason that my life is better and happier. Thank god I met such a beautiful person in my life. Happy anniversary LOVE of my life. ( Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes )
  3. You are my HUSBAND, my LOVER, my BEST FRIEND, my KING and my LIFE. Thank you for being all of them at the same time. HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.
  4. I will never find perfect words to express how blessed I am to have an amazing husband and a superhero to our kids. You made my LIFE and I am yours forever.
  5. People say we are couple goals but we are more than couples. We are best friends that can do anything for each other. So partner are you ready to have fun for rest of the days we have. Happy and joyful anniversary to you.
  6. When we first met I knew you will do some AMAZINESS and MAGICAL in my LIFE. Well our wedding day is the day when my DREAM comes true. BABY happy first wedding anniversary.
  7. HUSBAND that cares about family before anything in the world is TRUE blessing from god.
  8. We are like cheese and bread when we are together we make such a delicious PIZZA recipes. ( Happy Anniversary Wishes for Husband )
  9. Nobody can make me so HAPPY and so SAD, the way you do. You affect me like nobody can and the reason is that I LOVE YOU so much.
  10. The couple who UNDERSTAND each other makes a perfect couple in the world. The way you understand makes me so special. Thanks you being perfect husband.

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Happy 25th wedding anniversary wishes

  1. I will stay with you FOREVER even in your worst times of life my husband. Nothing can change the love of me for you. I LOVE YOU
  2. I am like a Free BIRD and you are like wings to my dream my husband. Thank you for loving me so much.
  3. One more year is completed and many years are coming in the future. I hope we discover more love and happiness in the coming days of our life. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my SWEETHEART.
  4. You make me better person. I am LUCKY to be your better half. I want you happily celebrate many more anniversary that are coming on our way.
  5. Thank you for loving me 365 days of the year and not waiting for something special. You make me the better person EVERYDAY. ( Happy 25th wedding anniversary wishes )
  6. I still remember the day when I pray to god everyday to be your wife and mother of your children. I LOVE YOU my king.
  7. You complete me my HUSBAND my soul. Being your wife and love is the best job in the world.
  8. You are the smile of my face. You are the reason of my happiness. My husband is better than yours. Happy anniversary.
  9. This is the best time of the year to express my feelings to you my hubby. Have a happiest day of the year my love.
  10. Happy anniversary to my husband who brings magic and love to my life. I dream to be yours forever.


Happy Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Your wife will love you forever. She can do anything for you and only expects love from you. These quotes and happy anniversary wishes will help you to feel her special.

  1. I wish my love for you grows deeper than the ocean and stronger than mountains. I love you even more day by day. Happy anniversary my beautiful WIFE.
  2. I will make sure that you never know the meaning of difficult days because before it came I will protect you and love you madly. Happy wedding anniversary. ( happy first wedding anniversary )
  3. I stand by you and am your KING because you are my QUEEN of my life. I thank you so much for accepting me the way I am and love me so much.
  4. Happy anniversary to most beautiful wife and my world.
  5. A pretty rose for the prettiest wife who makes me stronger by holding my hands. Happy anniversary to my wife.
  6. I try to make myself a better person everyday just that you deserve a beautiful life.
  7. Proposing you for marriage is the best decision that I made in my life because your love gives me wings to fly.
  8. We just married each other for few years but my love for you my wife has grown stronger each day. Have a beautiful day my lovely wife. ( Happy Anniversary Wishes for Wife )
  9. You can read my mind before I say anything. You understand me you compromise for me. Nobody can love you like you do my sweetheart. Happy anniversary to you.
  10. It doesn’t matter how mad I get at you sometimes but you always love me back my Queen. I try to make myself little better because you love me and I love you.


Happy first wedding anniversary wishes

  1. Some couples are made in heaven and they might be perfect but the most beautiful is when you make imperfect things beautiful. I love you darling.
  2. Happy wedding anniversary to my wife, my queen, reason of my smile and my success. I love you so much.
  3. Beautiful wife + Golden heart = Perfect LIFE!
  4. I am not able to find gift for you on our anniversary because I couldn’t find anything as beautiful as you are. Happy anniversary.
  5. On this precious day I gift you my life to you because you are reason I am alive my lovely wife. Happy wedding anniversary.
  6. I don’t know what’s the best way to celebrate wedding anniversary is but I can make smile every day. ( Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes & Greetings )
  7. For me no day is as important as our wedding day.
  8. You always stand by me in my difficult time now it’s my duty to love you back as much as you do.
  9. I love you so much I can’t live without you my queen of my life.
  10. If I need to choose all over again I will still choose you and will MARRY you again.


First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Wife
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

First anniversary is the most beautiful day of anyone’s life. It is like one year completed of your new life. If you want to wish your husband on first wedding anniversary then these wishes will come handy to you.

  1. I cherish the love you give me every day. I am glad that I choose you. Happy first wedding anniversary.
  2. Thanks for being the awesome Husband throughout the first year of our marriage. Wishing you happy anniversary.
  3. In just 365 days you love me like we have known each other forever. I love you my hubby. ( happy 25th wedding anniversary wishes )
  4. I don’t believe one year of our marriage has been passed so quickly.
  5. Thank you my KING for making my everyday as beautiful as our wedding day.
  6. The last year of my life is being the most beautiful year. Each day you bring me rose and smile to my face. Thanks for being special part of my life.
  7. Our love story is the most romantic story of all times. Only one year has passed but many more beautiful years are coming our way. Happy wedding anniversary.
  8. Baby one year is completed and I can still tell that I am in love with you madly. Happy first anniversary to us.
  9. It’s time to celebrate because it’s the day when I decide to you annoy you for rest of my life my hubby. ( First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband )
  10. Anniversary gets more beautiful from one year to another. It is just a beginning to the most romantic love saga.


Happy Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Your true friends stand with you in every phase of life. They are like family to us. If you want to wish your friend on their wedding anniversary then these message can able to express your feelings.

  1. Your love for each other makes me realize that I should also get marry soon. Many happy returns of the day my FRIEND.
  2. You both are my couple goals. Your love story is like inspiration to many people. Happy wedding anniversary my best friend.
  3. I hope you two are having the amazing time of your life and making best of everything.
  4. I wish the love you share with your wife will grow stronger day and day and you both have beautiful life ahead. ( happy first wedding anniversary )
  5. It is obvious that you two are madly in love with each other. You both make me believe in true love again. Thanks for being part of my life my BEST BUDDY.
  6. Warm wishes to the most beautiful couple in the world on their wedding anniversary. I hope you will be happily married forever and forever.
  7. May your love story never ever have bad ending. Wish you happiest day of your life.
  8. May your marriage bloom like a beautiful rose every year that are coming in your way my bestie. ( Happy Anniversary Wishes for Friends )
  9. I wish the loveliest couple a very happy and joyful wedding anniversary.
  10. Have a grand, spectacular and lovely wedding anniversary. You are best friend and your love story is my favourite.

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Wedding Anniversary wishes for Parents

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Friends

If you want to say happy anniversary to your mom and dad then these quotes can greatly help you to do. forget about old methods and use creativity to express your feelings.

  1. I am blessed to have parents like you two that raised me so beautifully and I wish you on this special occasion that your wedding gets even stronger. I love you mom dad.
  2. My parents are best in the world because they keep me safe from all the evils and bring the best in me. Happy anniversary.
  3. Thank you for being in love with each other and giving your children reason to be your admirer. ( wedding anniversary messages )
  4. When I get marry I want my spouse to be as cute and loving as you people are to me. You are my life goals. Happy wedding anniversary.
  5. There is nothing in this world as perfect as my parents are. I hope you will have best day of the year.
  6. You say that having me as your kid is a blessing from god but for me YOU are my GOD. Happy anniversary to my mom and dad.
  7. My heart and mind cannot express my words to wish you on your special day for your wedding mom and dad but I still wish you very lovely wedding anniversary.
  8. Seeing you together is the prettiest thing in my life. I love you forever my mom and dad. ( wedding anniversary wishes for parents )
  9. Thank god for blessing me and gave me such beautiful family where everyone makes other joyful and happy. Happy anniversary to my lovely parents.
  10. I hope you have the awesome days and many happy years coming ahead in your life.


Happy Anniversary to You Both

Happy Anniversary to You Both

  1. It is very easy to say that I will stay with you forever but standing for you words is difficult but for both prove that you will stay with each other forever. A very happy wedding anniversary.
  2. Congratulation to both of you for staying each other inspiration and making such a beautiful pair in the world.
  3. Another year has passed and our bond is getting deeper and stronger day by day. Happy anniversary both of us. ( happy wedding anniversary quotes )
  4. We are like relationship goals. We both cannot stay without each other. OMG you make me realize how bliss I am to have you in my life.
  5. You both make me believe that TRUE LOVE still exists on this earth. Happy anniversary to most amazing couple.
  6. The day when I saw both of you I knew you will be forever couple goals and inspire many of people like me. Happy wedding anniversary.
  7. Both of you stop making me jealous by loving each other so much. On this beautiful day I will congratulate you for completing one more year.
  8. Every wedding anniversary is special milestones in your life. Don’t wait for 25th anniversary to make it grand. Take a moment and make it great.
  9. Perfect relationships don’t just made by destiny but it needs time and you both have to nurture it daily with your love. ( Happy Anniversary to You Both )
  10. Your marriage is such a beautiful journey of life that inspires many new couples. Have a joyful day.


Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husband

Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husband

If you are blessed wife to have a caring husband then these messages can make your husband day.

  1. I want to take risk in life because I know you will not let anything happen to me. So shall we ready for new adventure in life? You are best husband in the world.
  2. Loving you is such a beautiful experience because you make it so easy to love you. I hope we will stay together forever.
  3. Happiest anniversary to world’s best HUSBAND. I appreciate all the efforts you made for keeping this relationship alive and beautiful. ( happy first wedding anniversary wishes )
  4. I still remember the laughter, the tears, the joy and all the ups and downs in our relationship but you stay strong and make me Stronger.
  5. Our marriage might be not perfect and I still marry you again if I get second because you love me so much.
  6. I feel warmth in your arms and pure love in your words my hubby. Happy best day of our life.
  7. Being your wife is the greatest treasure in the world because your love for me cannot be purchased by money.
  8. I love you my darling husband. You fulfil my all dreams and desires and I couldn’t ask anything more from you. ( Best Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes & Messages )
  9. I will stay with till the end of my life.
  10. Our marriage and relationship is getting better and sweeter day by day. I am glad to be your better half.


Happy Anniversary Wishes for Sister

Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husband

  1. My dear sister and brother-in-law, a very beautiful wedding anniversary to you. Make the most of it and celebrate your day happily.
  2. You two are important part of my life. I want to express that I love you my sister and I hope you are having amazing wedding anniversary.
  3. May your marriage satisfy all your dreams and desires and you make a perfect couple. Happy anniversary to world’s best sister. ( happy marriage anniversary wishes )
  4. I have seen love, sadness, ups, downs, craziness almost everything in your relation and I know you will stay with each other till the end of the world.
  5. My brother-in-law is the best in the world because he makes my sister happy more than me in the world. Happy anniversary.
  6. May the love between you both last for lifetime and we celebrate your anniversary happily and greatly every coming year.
  7. My sister looks perfect when she stand next to her husband. This makes me so satisfy to see beautiful love between you both.
  8. A perfect and independent lady has the most handsome and understanding husband. You two makes a perfect couple. happy wedding anniversary.
  9. I prayed to GOD everyday that wherever you live you stay happy and blessed. My brother-in-law and my sister makes the perfect couple. ( Happy Anniversary Wishes for Sister )
  10. I feel bad sometimes because your love has been share by your hubby but I am glad that you are having best time of your life.


Happy Anniversary Wishes for Brother

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Brother

If you have brother and sister-in-law in your family then these wishes can help you to congratulate them on their wedding anniversary.

  1. The best thing in life is knowing that someone in this world really loves you and my brother loves his wife the way nobody could. Happy wedding anniversary to both of them.
  2. I never told you that you both seems to be made for each other my dearest brother and sister-in-law but on this special day I want to express my warm wishes to you both.
  3. Cheers! to the most beautiful couple in this world. I hope you two are having your best time. Happy anniversary.
  4. Today is the most precious day because this is the day when you both became one soul. Happy anniversary. ( wedding anniversary greetings )
  5. It only takes few moments to fall in love but it requires a lifetime to proof its worth.
  6. God bless you both my brother and sister-in-law and you will celebrate many years coming ahead in your life. A very happy marriage anniversary.
  7. I wish you two continue to be best husband and wife in the world and enjoy your life a lot.
  8. Your each picture puts a great smile on my face. You are reason of my happiness. I hope you having amazing life with your better half.
  9. I wish happiness and peace stays with you forever and you enjoy every moment of life with your lovely wife. ( Happy Anniversary Wishes for Brother )
  10. My brother will support me no matter what the situation is and that is why I will respect you so much. My sister-in-law is the luckiest girl I love both of you so much.

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Couple

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Couple

  1. The couple made by God in heaven stays with each other for lifetime. I am glad you are one such couple. Happy anniversary.
  2. I wish you two beautiful couple will have the most beautiful day of the year. Party hard and enjoy the journey of your life. ( Happy anniversary messages )
  3. Happy anniversary May the love between you two stays intact forever and forever. You will never find any reason to stay apart from each other.
  4. Enjoy the trip of life with your lovely wife and give inspiration to many to follow their love. You are such a lovely couple. Happy wedding anniversary.
  5. I am lucky that you choose me as you better half. I love you baby.
  6. You both makes the perfect couple in the world. I wish you loads of kisses and hugs on this special day.
  7. This is special wish to the most special couple on this earth. I hope your life fills with lots of love and laughter. Enjoy your day. ( Happy Anniversary Wishes for Couple )
  8. You two inspires me that buying expensive gifts for each other is not a sign to true love but spending time and caring is true love. Happy anniversary.
  9. You are loveliest couple I have ever met in my life.
  10. I still remember the day when we tie the knots and made vows to be together forever.


Final words:

In this article “Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes” I try to cover to all the aspect and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I do in writing them. So next time when you have any anniversary of any couple then don’t forget to use them.

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Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife, Husband, Friends, Parents, Sister, Brother, Couple:

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