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Birthday Wishes for Father: Hey friends, If you want to wish your father on their birthday, you are reached at the best website. Here you can copy the lots of wishes to send your father. We always add new and unique quotes and wishes. In every person’s life, a father is the main role. Everyone wants to celebrate the birthday of his/her father with full enjoyment and excitement and want to send the loveable, caring wishes to wish. For our users, we added lots of wishes.

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 Happy Birthday Dad Messages

Happy Birthday Dad
Happy Birthday Dad
  • Happy Birthday, Pop. Many happy returns of the day.
  • You are everything to me. I am nothing without you, my dad. Today is the special day of my life because today is your B’day and I want to celebrate it with fun and enjoyment.
  • May God fills your life with lights and a smile. May you live long and always be healthy.
  • I am really thankful to you, my dad. You always encourage me. Fulfilled my dreams. You are the best Pops. Happy B’day my Pop. ( Happy Birthday Papa Quotes )
  • Many Happy Returns of the day my Dad. May the coming years filled with love, happiness, and joy of your life and you always be happy.

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  • With you, I always feel safe and secure. You always did me, unconditional love. I always want your support and your blessing. Wish you a happy B’day to my loved Father.
  • You always made me dependable for every work and in my life. You always taught me the lesson of humanity. You are the best Pop forever in the entire world. Happy Birthday, Papa.
  • I always say to my friends that my daddy is a superhero and it is true. You are really my superhero. You have fulfilled my every wish. Love you Pop and wishing you a happy B’day. ( Remembering Dad on His Birthday Quotes )
  • Happy B’day my Dad, You are my friend, my teacher, and my inspiration. You supported me ever in my life.
  • I feel so lucky to have born in your home. I found a father that too much loves me, cares for me, and encourages me. I always pray to god for your good health. Congratulations on your special birthday, my Dad.
  • Everyone wants a friend in school or college, But I don’t need anyone, because I have my father as a friend. You are my real friend and understand me. I wish this birthday brings lots of happiness to your life. ( Happy Birthday Papa Wishes )
  • Wishing you a happy B’day with your good health and happiness. Hope your days will great in the future because you deserve them.
  • Happy B’day My Dad. I always pray to God for your good health. You are the greatest father. I am proud to be the son of yours.
  • You love me from my born day to till. I always want you to with me because you are my motivation, my supporting system. Wishing you a Happy B’day to my love.
  • I am always indebted to you because you worked day-night to give me a better life. You secured my future. I pray to God for your long life.


 Happy Birthday Father-in-Law

happy birthday father in law
happy birthday father in law

Happy birthday, father-in-law. You are my 2nd daddy who is too supportive and caring.

I have no father. But my father-in-law completed my father’s lack. He treats me like a father and loved me. Happy B’day to my Father. ( Happy Birthday Father-in-Law Quotes )

Many happy returns of the day to my father-in-law. You always accept me as a son and I always accept you as a father. Our bonding is too good for each other.

I am sending heartfelt birthday wishes to my father. No one can replace you from my life. Our bonding is too good. We understand very easily to each other.

I always respect you from the heart. After my Dad, you are the second one, who understands me and encourages me. I wish you a heartfelt happy birthday.

Happy B’day to Dad. I pray to God for your long life and good health.

Today my father-in-law’s B’day and I wish this B’day brings lots of happiness in their life and they live more and be healthy. (Happy Birthday Wishes for Father)

Congratulations on my Father’s Birthday. I want always our company because you are the best father-in-law in the world and support me.

Your age is old but you have a lot of experience in life and you always taught me good things and a way of life. Thanks a lot for all this and many happy returns of the day my father. (Happy Birthday to Someone Like a Father)

A very happy B’day to a man who always supports me and taught me life’s way.

Wishing you a happy birthday to my father-in-law. You are the best father of the universe. Hope on your B’day may God gives you a lot of happiness, and good health.

I began to write for you but your kindness does not cover in the words. I always saw the goodness in you. I wish you a happy B’day from the bottom of the heart.

You are the one with whom my life is colorful. Because you are the second person of my life after my parents who are my role model and my inspiration. Thanks for staying with me always. Happy B’day.

I wish this birthday may bring a lot of happiness to your life and your health will fine always. It’s my prayer to god. (Best Happy Birthday Dad Messages)

I pray to God, may your all-day spent with prosperity and happiness. Wishing you a very happy B’day. God bless you.


Happy Birthday Father

Happy Birthday Father
Happy Birthday Father

No one can change the place that is in my heart. You are part of my heart. I am proud that I am your child. Luckily, your B’day has come and I am so happy to celebrate your birthday. Congratulations. (Happy Birthday Message for Father)

Many happy returns of the day to the most caring and loving daddy. Hope this B’day may celebrate with full fun and enjoyment.

I know you always hold me in your safe hands in every condition and encourage me. I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Happy B’day to you my superhero.

I don’t know what I will say to wish you a happy birthday because I have no words to express your kindness. You are my superhero and my motivation. Many happy returns of the day dad. (Happy Birthday Dad Quotes)

You are my Santa for my whole life. Because you complete my all wishes that I did want. I can’t explain your kindness and your love and care. I want to give you a surprise gift on your B’day, my dear father.

Happy Birthday my daddy. I hope this year brings lots of happiness to your life and may God give you the power to live the life.

I don’t need a jin or any power. I have my dad who always fulfills my all wishes and dreams. My father is a superhero for me. Happy B’day to my loving father. we all love you. (Happy Birthday Daddy Ji)


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I am nothing without you, my daddy. Your support gives me encouragement. You are everything for me. may all your B’day wishes come true.

Everyone says to me you are like your father. These words give me encouragement. I feel be proud that time. I pray to God this birthday may make you happy and your wishes come true.

You are my teacher. You taught me how to live in this world. I always want that you will always stay with me. Happy B’day to my Dad.

Like the sun, you have given us a bright future. You told me you are a real daddy who always worried about your children. Love you dad and many happy returns of the day.

I hope that someday I become a father like you. You are my inspiration and always support me. I feel happy because I have the best father in the world. Wish you a very happy birthday Papa. (Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband and Father)

You are like a compass for me. Whenever I stuck in any trouble, you always stayed with me. I wish this B’day filled the happiness in your life.

Every child’s dream to have a daddy like you. but I feel very lucky because you are mine. On your B’day, I wish to a happy birthday to my greatest father.

I am thankful to you for giving the life’s experience and a happy moment. On your special day, I wish you a happy B’day. May this day fill your heart and your life with happiness.


Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad

Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad
Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad
  1. Happy Birthday, Papa. You were my inspiration and you always supported me. I miss you very much.
  2. I always love my Pop. You are not with me now but on your every birthday, I really miss you a lot. Happy B’day, dad.
  3. My Father, you are not with me now so I feel that my one of the body part missing. I am incomplete without you. I used to celebrate your all B’day with fun and enjoyment. But now, you are not with us. Miss you papa and happy B’day.
  4. I always want your support. I miss your advice who you used to gave me. You are not with us but we always think that you stand with us in good and bad situations. Happy Birthday, papa, and miss you a lot. (Happy Birthday Baba Quotes)
  5. I miss you a lot on your every B’day. I wanted to celebrate your B’day with fun and happiness, but you are not with us. A son always wants that his father stays with him, but you are not. Miss you and Happy B’day to papa.
  6. Dad, today is your birthday and I cannot gives you any gift. On every birthday, I used to give you the first gift and first wish. But you are now not in us. We all miss you Dad.
  7. It is too hard for me that today is your B’day and I cannot celebrate. You were a sun for us. You bright our life with happiness and make our future bright. Love you Dad.
  8. Happy B’day, Papa. Today is your B’day and you are not with me. I lost you in my adulthood when I needed you. You were my guide. You always saved me from bad companies. You were my hero, and always be.
  9. I always shared my problems and my happiness with you and you listened to me. Now, whom I will tell my problems. You used to suggest to me and protect me from the bad world. Miss you, my Pop. (Happy Birthday Bade Papa)
  10. You are now in heaven and I know the angels will celebrate your birthday. I always wished God for your life long, but God called you. We are alone without you.
  11. Today is your B’day and I cannot celebrate but I will loudly sing a song which was your favorite. You were my superhero. I hope you will hear my song from above.
  12. Happy B’day my daddy. You were my strength. With you, I felt proud and I achieved all the rewards with your guidance. Now you are not with us and we all the time missing you.
  13. Today I am feeling very sad because today is your B’day and you are not with us. I always celebrated your birthday with full fun and joy. But now, I really miss those days. Love you, my father. (Happy Birthday to My Dad in Heaven)
  14. Now, I am growing in life and I remembered your lessons you taught me. Now, I am following your way and doing my job successfully in life. Thank you, my Pop.
  15. Dad, without your absence, I am nothing. With you, I was everything. I was happy to have a daddy like you. You were my happiness.


Happy Birthday Dad From Daughter

Happy Birthday Dad From Daughter
Happy Birthday Dad From Daughter
  • Happy Birthday, Papa. You are my support system and always made me happy. You are my best friend as my Pop. Congratulations.
  • Thank you for being my friend, my Pop. I can share my all problems and my happy moments with you. Because you listen to me and favor me. Love you papa. Wishing you a happy B’day on your special day. (Happy Birthday Dad In Heaven Quotes From Daughter)
  • May my all wishes for you on your B’day. You are my superhero. may god filled your life with happiness and you may healthy always.
  • I hope your future life bright with laughter and you may smile all the time. May this B’day brings a lot of love, happiness, cheer to your life.
  • You always loved me and cares for me. I feel proud to have a daughter of you. You are my real hero. You always support me and encourage me. Wishing you a very happy B’day my loving dad. (Birthday Wishes for Daddy From Daughter)
  • Because of you, I am successful in my life. Your motivational talks inspired me and I succeed in my life. I am really thankful to you and Many happy returns of the day my Dad.
  • Every girl wants that her husband to be like her father. I also want that. I think no one can replace my father’s place from my heart. I always love my Pop without any limits. Happy birthday, dad. (Happy Birthday Dad Poems)
  • Many happy returns of the day papa. You are my everything. Every girl’s superhero is her daddy. You are mine. I pray to God for your good health.

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  • This is a special day for me because my dad’s B’day today, and I will celebrate this day with full happiness. I wish may this day brings lots of pleasure to my father’s life.
  • I don’t need any friends. My Pop is my best friend. I always wanted a person like you in my life. God heard me and I born in your home. I feel so lucky. Today, I want to celebrate your birthday with full excitement.
  • Congrats on your special day, my father. I pray to God for your good health and lots of joy for your whole life. (Birthday Wishes for Papa From Daughter)
  • You are getting older or your love and care are stable for all family. You the pillar of our home. You are the one who manages all the family and home’s needs. Happy B’day, papa. I wish this day will make you happy.
  • You are the sun for the whole family. You brighten our future and always stayed with us as a pillar. Without you, we can’t succeed in life. You ever support and encouraged us. Thank you, papa, for all this, and Happy B’day. (Happy Birthday to My Baby Daddy Quotes)
  • Every daddy loves her daughter without any limit. But he cannot express and every girl considers her daddy a superhero. Dad, today is your B’day and this day is special for me. Happy B’day pap from the bottom of the heart.
  • I wish you the happiest birthday my pops. May this day brings happiness and good health for your whole life. My all-time is precious that I spent with you.


Happy 60th Birthday Dad 

Happy 60th Birthday Dad
Happy 60th Birthday Dad

Congratulations on your 60th birthday, Papa. Whole the life, you used to live for us. Now you have to take a rest. We will work and you don’t need to do work.

Today is your B’day and now you crossed the 60th years. Hope your 61st year will start with happiness. I always pray to God for your life long and good health.

Age is just a number. You are just 40, I guess. You are fit and I always pray to God for your good health. You are not only my Pop, but You are also my teacher, my friend, my guidance, etc. (Happy 70th Birthday Dad)

Happy Birthday to me great daddy. Although your age is above 59, your heart is too young. I wish God filled your whole life with full of happiness. May you live long.

On your 60th Birthday, I want to give you a surprise gift. You are my favorite and with your company, I always feel happy and safe. Happy B’day my Papa.

Many happy returns of the day, Mr. handsome. I wish you live 100 years. You are 60 and after 40 years, you will cross a century. All family member’s wishes for you.

Thank you for being 60 years with me. I wish our partnership may never end. Many happy returns of the day my Dad. (Happy 50th Birthday Dad)

Congratulations on the wisest person of my life. Today is your birthday and this day is special for me. You always stayed with me and encouraged me and now I being a successful person because of you.

You are getting older but your friendly, funniest nature will not change. You are the pillar of the whole family and playing the role of a great husband, daddy, Son in the family. Happy Birthday pops.

Happiest B’day to my Pop who crossed 60th years on this earth. I love you my daddy and I want to be your son in all births.

My all-time is precious because you were with me, and I wish, in the future, you will stay with me always. I want to celebrate your all next birthdays with you.

Time flies too fast. I want to stop the time for a moment and want to spend all my life with you. You are the one whose I love very much. You always fulfilled my dreams and made me successful.  (Papa Happy Birthday)

Because of you, I lived a happy life. With your love and care, I always felt that I am the lucky person in the world. You are my backbone and inspired me all the time. I wish, May God gives you a healthy life.

I am proud of my daddy. You did everything for all family. Because of you, we are living a happy life. You are old, but your efforts for a family have always inspired me. I love you, my Pop. Happy Birthday.

Congrats, my daddy, on your special day. This B’day will be celebrated with full fun and joy. We are indebted for your kindness. You played the perfect role of Pop. Enjoy the birthday.


Happy Birthday Dad from Son

Happy Birthday Dad from Son
Happy Birthday Dad from Son
  • Many Happy Returns of the day to Pops from his son.
  • A daddy always played a big role in settling his son. You are the one from those. Without you, I can’t imagine my bright future. Thanks, papa. Congratulations on your B’day.
  • A daddy is a close friend of his son. A son can share problems and happiness with his Pop. I shared all my life with you and you gave me the solution to every trouble. Love you Pops. I wish, may your birthday brings lots of happiness in your life that I couldn’t give you. (Happy 70th Birthday Dad)
  • Every son wants to become a man like his daddy. I also want that. My Pop is the best and always taught me about humanity. He is such a great man. Happy birthday my superhero.
  • Happy B’day pops. You are my friend as my daddy. You did work hard for us and made our future bright. Now you don’t need to do work more. Just relax and enjoy life.
  • Happy birthday, dad. On this amazing and great day, I wish you all the happiness of the world filled in your life.
  • Hey dad, I am not at the pass with you, but you are in my all wishes. I pray to God for your healthy life. (Happy Birthday Appa Quotes)
  • Today is my spectacular father’s birthday. Hope your all dreams come true that you wove for your family. Wishing you a very happy B’day my dad.
  • Have a wonderful day and celebrate your birthday with all. I am sending you good wishes on your special day. Make this day memorable.
  • You are a caring daddy. You loved us a lot and doing. You are a daddy who stands shoulder to shoulder with me. I always want your support even though I stand on my own feet. (Happy Birthday Dear Papa)
  • A role of a daddy is very important in every son’s life. Without a father, no one will help you. A child without a daddy is an orphan. Today is a special day for me. My father’s B’day and I will celebrate with fun and happiness and pray to God for filling my father’s life with love and happiness.


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Birthday Wishes for Father

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