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List 50 Witty Christmas Captions for Instagram (Funny Xmas Quotes):

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Witty Christmas Captions

50 Witty Christmas Captions for Instagram (Funny Xmas Quotes): Are you in a search for best Witty Christmas Captions for your Instagram then you are at the right place. As Christmas is near so why should not wish your nearer ones with some funny quotes?

You will also need some captions for your posts and pictures. Here is the simple method, below we provided some amazing captions and quotes just go through them and pick that you liked the most.

Funny Christmas Captions for Instagram

  1. “Forget about the sweets, I just want wine”.
  2. “Status with girlfriend: Mingle but ready to jingle”.
  3. “Wine suits well with an insane family”.
  4. “You should take my selfie as the Christmas card”.
  5. “Eat, Drink, Nap Repeat”.
  6. “Wintry Feeling”.
  7. “Dear Santa, define ‘delightful’”.
  8. “The season for stretchy pants has arrived”.
  9. “My name is Sleigh, I repeat, Sleigh”.
  10. “Did Christmas Shopping? Be toughening for the January sales”.
  11. “Everyone tidy up in new clothes”.
  12. “Santa’s belongings filled my stockings”.


Funny Christmas Captions for Instagram (Witty Christmas Status & Quotes)

Funniest Christmas Quotes

  1. “All the work to be done later, firstly let’s take an elfie”.
  2. “To be Clear, Grinch hated people, which is fair ”
  3. “This year, we totally sleigh it”.
  4. “Dear Santa Clause……Let me explain”.
  5. “Hot cocoa and Christmas music, nothing else I want”.
  6. “Ho-ho-ho-home”.
  7. “Christmas= Peace, Charity among humans+ cookies+ battery not included”.
  8. “Rest of the year me: slay, near Christmas me: sleigh”.
  9. “I decided to not take out my lights this year as these look prettier”.
  10. “This Christmas, I am starting my Feast mode”.
  11. “The tea is compulsory while the relatives are not”.
  12. “Santa Claus inspired us, Visit people only once in the whole year”.
  13. “I can’t wait to exchange those wonderful presents that I received”.
  14. “It’s true that Christmas is a magical day of the year…..my whole money magically disappears”.
  15. “Spiritually I am prepared for Christmas, economically I am not”.
  16. “If you are lacking in the art of wrapping the presents then make their appearance like they possessed a fight”.
  17. “I left sugar free sweets and soy milk for Santa, in return there was a diet chart in my stocking”.

Witty Christmas Captions for your Posts

  1. “Christmas is the occasion when you buy presents this year from the money you saved for next year”.
  2. “Her husband is the only thing a woman didn’t want in her stocking”.
  3. “Just do whatever you want on Christmas and believe in your elf”.
  4. “Let’s leave wine this year on Christmas instead of milk and cookies, maybe Santa wants some change”.
  5. “This Christmas bought batteries for kids with a special note ‘Toys not included’- can save the money”.
  6. “The fruitcake is one of the most passed gifts on Christmas, as people keep on sending it to each other”.
  7. “Life follows certain patterns, like every year near this time I hear Christmas music”.
  8. “I gifted my sibling some gift wrap and told him to wrap every gift so as to teach him a lesson that how easy is unwrapping then wrapping”.


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Amazing Witty Xmas Captions (Hilarious Xmas Status, Quotes & Sayings)

Creative Christmas Wishes

  1. “Christmas is the only time once a year in which a person can eat sweets taking out from socks without hesitation”.
  2. “On Christmas keep your friends close but enemies closer with the receipt of all your expenses”.
  3. “A Christmas is well spent with the person whose wish to deliver time is indefinite than that of yours”.
  4. “Drinking teaches me a lesson that while going for Christmas celebration always goes in-group”.
  5. “The longest complaint ever in Christmas days is that of the shopper”.
  6. “I always put my selfies on top of the Christmas tree as I consider myself not less than a huge personality”.
  7. “Someone asked me, what you will get after crossing a snowman and a vampire? Frostbite I replied.”Amazing Christmas Quotes for Photos
  8. “People will only stop Christmas shopping when they will run out of money, otherwise no chance”.
  9. “Dear Santa, I will buy a gift for myself so I don’t need to be good all year”.
  10. “Christmas is the time to begin overeating and make your shape of the body changing”.
  11. “Sending cards on Christmas are the best way to realize your family and friends that they are more worthy than the cost of stamps”.
  12. “The best Christmas gift for a husband is to do whatever their wife wants”.
  13. “Thinking from a financial point view, if there was no Christmas then it was needed to be invented”.


Wrapping Up:

Hopefully, you liked our creativity and the content we provided to you. Make your pictures and wishes beautiful and attractive by using these quotes. Don’t forget to share them with your friends and give reviews about it.


#Witty #Christmas #Captions #Instagram #Funny #Xmas #Quotes

50 Witty Christmas Captions for Instagram (Funny Xmas Quotes):

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