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List 50+ Corona Virus Captions for Instagram Photo (COVID-19 Quarantine Quotes)

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Corona Virus Captions for Instagram

  • In this Corona Virus Lockdown, I lost my Freedom, but I found Myself!
  • This time we see many superheroes in TVs. but the easiest way to become a superhero is now, just stay at home stay safe.
  • You have a lot of time in your hands to pursue creative things at home in COVID-19, Stay safe, Homestay
  • Better days will come after this quarantine, stay home stay safe.
  • Only one and one vaccine can stop the spreading of coronavirus and that is to stay at home.
  • This quarantine time people realize their value of time, stay home stay safe.
  • Stay safe stay at home this would help the country to fight against Corona Virus.
  • By staying home, we face many problems but after that, we get a new world a fresh world.
  • We all realize the importance of human lives more than ever when the world goes pandemic like these.
  • COVID-19 Corona Virus is testing my immunity and testing my freedom.

50+ Corona Virus Captions for Instagram Photo (COVID-19 Quarantine Quotes)


Don’t wait for anyone in this situation to do self-isolate.

We know each and every quality on our own by staying home.

You feeling unwell please don’t wait for anyone, not going anywhere stop the spread, stay in bed.

Contribute your bit in this fight against Corona Virus, stay safe stay at home.

You can’t stop the sunset to rise but this time you can stop the coronavirus by spreading just stay at home and self-isolate.

This time let’s make this world a safer place for others just by staying at home.

Humans realize their value by staying home; we all realize the importance of human lives more than ever when the world goes to this pandemic condition.

Our self isolates for a new and better world, this time self-isolation is the best medicines ever.

Sometimes it’s better for our loved ones to stay away from them to make them feel loved.

Stay home stay safe is the line one should follow by all at these tough times, and spread the positivity to others by using Face book & Instagram social media platforms.


  • You save the world from this coronavirus by staying at home, by posting real posts related to our self-isolation on your social networking sites.
  • Spreading awareness about the pandemic and inspiring others to do new things at home and tell others to do the same. There are many ways to save the world by own into this critical situation. Stay home stay safe.
  • Thank people who are fighting against Corona especially doctors and nurses by their efforts, So this way you can socialize with other people throughout this lockdown.
  • Spreading love and positivity around you and use these perfect captions.
  • Follow the WHO suggested precautions like Wash your Hands up to 20 seconds, Wear Masks while going out, Maintain Social Distancing, No Handshakes Only Namaste.

COVID-19 Quarantine Corona Virus Captions, Status & Quotes

  • Roses are red, the sky is blue, and this is me in isolation, how about you?
  • Home is a shelter, hospitals from this pandemic condition, stay home stay safe.
  • Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful, like our doctors, nurses, polices, government, etc.
  • Don’t think negative about this lockdown, Lockdown is the right time to lock down all your bad habits and make a fresh new start with your life by staying near our parents and relatives.
  • The feeling when you want to get out of the house but don’t go anywhere.

50+ Best COVID-19 Quarantine Quotes – Corona Virus Captions for Instagram Pictures

COVID-19 Quarantine Quotes (Corona Virus Captions for Instagram)
COVID-19 Quarantine Quotes (Corona Virus Captions for Instagram)
  • We can do many things for our future by just staying at home in this lockdown.
  • by staying at home I can say my own experience that better days will come after this long lockdown.
  • This lockdown has enough for peoples to get live life together with family, friends by connecting through social networking sites.
  • By patience, courage, and kindness of people save the world by the spreading of COVID-19.
  • This world is my own house we cannot take a risk by going outside in this lockdown.
  • In this situation, we all give some sacrifices this time, but after this pandemic situation, we get more then we give sacrifice.
  • The most important thing that the COVID-19 teaches about humanity, little virus teaches about our nature and all humanities.
  • My Gym instructor will surely beat Corona Virus


The most effective medicine and antidote against COVID-19 are to live in your houses, not to go outside, stay home stay safe.

This time doctors are our god they fight against this Coronavirus, a scientist also gives their best.

Who breaks the lockdown they face many types of challenges outside the home. So stay at home stays safe.

we all are face hard times, should pull us together and not apart, in this lockdown we all learn to live together with happiness.

We do not face any problems in the future by staying at home because COVID-19 spread much more by going outside.

Coronavirus spread from mouth and nose so wear masks regularly.

Peoples doing many things in this lockdown take one day for one thing and doing 21 different things.

Doing yoga, Gym, exercise, mediation to make immunity strong. This would help to fight coronavirus.


  • In these lockdown peoples engaged in doing different activities.
  • Health is wealth, Peace of mind is happiness, and these words help in fighting against COVID-19.
  • The human body is a temple so keep it clean by doing Yoga, etc.
  • Motivation is the only thing that helps in staying home, stay at homestay safe.
  • Corona Virus is a blessing for Earth and a Curse for Human beings.

#Corona #Virus #Captions #Instagram #Photo #COVID19 #Quarantine #Quotes

50+ Corona Virus Captions for Instagram Photo (COVID-19 Quarantine Quotes)

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