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List 100 sexy pick up lines for Girls, Guys, Tinder, Girlfriend, and Boyfriend

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sexy pick up lines for Girls, Guys, Tinder, Girlfriend and Boyfriend

100 sexy pick up lines for Girls, Guys, Tinder, Girlfriend, and Boyfriend

Are looking for some sexy pick up lines? Surely, you are planning to come close to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Here, you can get spicy pickups that can probably head you to sweet section of riding unicorns and licking lollipops. Moreover, these sexy pick up lines are so dirty that can set your panties on fire. Have a look at them:


100 Sexy Pickup lines for Girls, Tinder, Boyfriend, Flirt, Boys & Girlfriend


sexy pick up lines for Girls, Guys, Tinder, Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Sexy Pickup Lines for Girls

Sexy Pick up lines for Girls

  1. Want to be on you.
  2. Nice legs open them.
  3. You are so hot, looks like coming out of the oven.
  4. Fuck me, if I am wrong Liza.
  5. I want to spoon you if you are yogurt.
  6. Are you my new boss? You just got a position raised.
  7. I want this body for one night; you want this body for whole life, so selfish.
  8. I am like Rubiks cube, more you play with me harder I get.
  9. Look, your boobs staring my eyes stop them.
  10. Baby let us playhouse, you be the door and I slam it completely night.
  11. Have that drink to burn away all the calories.
  12. You can go down on me, I can owe you.
  13. Sex is a temptation caused by sensation, man putting in women destination. Did you understand or need a demonstration?
  14. If you are a lottery woman on TV, I am holding my balls picturing on you.
  15. You have a shovel; I want to get in it.
  16. It would be weird bringing out your brains, need not to call after.
  17. If you are yoghurt, I want to spoon you.
  18. You legs look like Oreo Cookies; I want spilt them and have the best part in the middle.
  19. If you are a ghetto, I want to ghetto to hold datass.
  20. Are you a doctor? You have just cured erectile dysfunction.


Sexy Pickup lines for Boys

Sexy Pick up lines for Boys

  1. Have a party tonight and invite your pants down.
  2. You might be there, I want have sex with you tonight.
  3. You look good; I want to kiss your lips and move up to your belly button.
  4. I want to put up my thingy into your.
  5. This shirt have become on you, I were on you like this shirt.
  6. Come to my place and do these things, I will not tell anyone.
  7. Do you like dragons? I will dragon my balls on your face.
  8. You have a sweet ass do you sit on sugar.
  9. I am chilling with you and Netflix.
  10. I need a name to go as I am about to go masturbate.
  11. It looks like you are from Bagdad I like you Bagdad Ass up.
  12. You have a place to sit, as long as I have the face.
  13. Do you like Italian? you want some in you.
  14. I am an astronaut, set on a mission to explore Uranus.
  15. I want yours virginity, I have lost mine.
  16. You remember I am virgin for you.
  17. I like the coffee and the woman creamed.
  18. I will eat your heart if you sit on my face.
  19. You can come on my pillow, you hair look there pretty.
  20. I am destroying Uranus, only six planets left.


Sexy Pickup Lines for Tinder

Sexy Pick up lines for Tinder

  1. You come here often or wait until you get home.
  2. You ever kissed a rabbit between your ears.
  3. What are my chances of getting head, I flip this coin.
  4. You can expect me few more inches tonight, as I am no weatherman.
  5. Can I take out from your T-Shirt?
  6. I am going to make your breakfast, suck this.
  7. You know, what I like in a girl is my dick.
  8. What do want in your breakfast?
  9. Do you eat watermelon, spilt or swallow the seeds.
  10. You give me that booty, by treating me as pirate.
  11. Staring at her vagina area, you want to eat that.
  12. We can plan to meet up for pizza and the fuck.
  13. You can sit on my face anytime, if you are tired.
  14. Ask your mom, which sexual position produces nastiest children.
  15. Want to go half with you like bastard child.
  16. If they boa came in, I may not get into your virginity.
  17. Do you like eggs, poached, scrambled or fertilized?
  18. I want to play one in you tonight, as I am not a dick in real life.
  19. Yes, I will sleep with you tonight. I am a mind reader.
  20. If you work in build a bear, and then I want to stuff on you.


Sexy Pickup lines for Girlfriend

Sexy Pick up lines for Girlfriend

  1. I am calling in heaven for an angel for me.
  2. With me come have A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H.
  3. I want your help to bring my sexy back.
  4. I cannot take my eyes off from you, there is some issue.
  5. With all my heart opening my sexy legs for you.
  6. If you are a grill, I want to put the meet on you.
  7. Are you Internet, I feel connected with you.
  8. Roses are red and Sky is blue, I like your legs and what is between them.
  9. If you are water, I want to make you squirtle.
  10. You have to touch your toes, and then I will tell you where my rocket goes.
  11. Hot pasta boiling there wants to have dinner.
  12. I want to fuck you, as you are my worst enemy.
  13. I want to make you mine, as you are sexy.
  14. I am jealous of your dress, as it touching you and not me.
  15. If you are a pinky toe, I want to bang all my furniture.
  16. I love it when you give me tight hugs.
  17. You can help me to burst that nut, if we were squirrels.
  18. I never get tired by kissing your soft lips.
  19. I am losing my virginity when I am with you.
  20. You have to hold me tightly in your arms, to feel me.


Sexy Pickup lines for Boyfriend

Sexy Pick up lines for Boyfriend

  1. My face is on your breasts, they remind me about Mount Rushmore.
  2. What looks easier, Getting in tight pants or coming put from them?
  3. I want to be love with the Japanese.
  4. I want your heart and lovely smile, kissing your lips and giving tight hug.
  5. I am feeling a connection for you, looks like your name is Wi-Fi.
  6. I am fixing my bed to have four legs on it.
  7. I want to fuck my worst enemy.
  8. I am lumberjack to fix woods in your pants.
  9. Roses are red, pickles are green, I am your six and you are my nine.
  10. I want rearrange the alphabet by putting D in U.
  11. What your name, you are mine and I am yours.
  12. Do you grow up a farm? Then you know to raise a cock.
  13. You know, I want a girl to lick my dick.
  14. I found the cure for impotence, its stunning you.
  15. Are you working for UPS, I saw you looking my package.
  16. I want to suck you in me tonight.
  17. How it will look get in your knees and smiling like donut.
  18. Come in my place to fire your pants.
  19. You deserve to be winter and get the opportunity to sleep with me.
  20. Baby you are a hash tag, all time trending in my mind.


Wrapping up

Girls and boys use these sexy pick up lines and get set go on a different game. Moreover these pickups lines are useful to lift up the mood of your partner.


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#sexy #pick #lines #Girls #Guys #Tinder #Girlfriend #Boyfriend

100 sexy pick up lines for Girls, Guys, Tinder, Girlfriend, and Boyfriend

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