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25+ List Funny ex quotes & Funny ex status

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 Funny ex quotes & Funny ex status

Funny ex quotes Funny ex status messages

I think that after a breakup, cell providers should automatically make it impossible to drunk dial your ex.

Being friends with your ex is like, a Kidnapper kidnapping you, letting you free, and then saying keep in touch.

Relationships are a lot more like algebra. For instance. Have you ever loked at your X and wonderd Y?

Dear ex, open your eyes wider and please notice that I’m happier without you.

Dating an ex is the equivalent of failing a test you already had the answers to.

Don’t cry because its over, smile because his new girlfriend looks like a horse.

Being friends with your ex and texting them while in a relationship is not acceptable.

Love can neither be created nor be destroyed.It can only be transferred from ex to Next.

Being friends with your ex is like saying the dog is dead but we can still keep it.

Algebra is my favorite subject…because you can replace my X without asking me Y.

Best feeling ever, seeing your ex with someone uglier than you.

friends with your ex is like keeping an empty wine bottle in your
fridge. You get nothing from it & it takes up space for something

Dating your ex is like re-reading a book. It can be fun, but you already know how it’s gonna end.

Funny ex status

My girlfriend said she wanted me to be more like her ex. So I dumped her.

 My ex left me for some balding, over weight, less intelligent, less attractive, less financial secure person.

Being friends with your ex is hard because you know each other so well, you know all of each others tricks It’s like two magicians, trying to entertain each other.

Ever looked back at your ex and asked yourself was I drunk the entire relationship?

If your ex texts you saying ‘I miss you’ that means the other person they tried to replace you with failed.

Someone told me to give my ex directions but I told them that Dogs can always find there way home.

Ex means: thanks for the experience our time has expired,now exit my life.

I was the one who said things changed, you were the one who proved it.

When your ex says ‘you’ll never find anyone like me’ Just smile and reply “that’s the point.

#Funny #quotes #Funny #status

Funny ex quotes & Funny ex status

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